3 in 1 Duvets “dual tempo”

/3 in 1 Duvets “dual tempo”
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A uniquely versatile “dual tempo” duvet

CosyCool - our story

The 3-in-1 dual tempo duvet from CosyCool is revolutionary. Unlike standard 3-in-1 duvets, it is adjustable independently on each side of the bed. Its unique design means that you can have the following tog combination on either side of the bed…

4.5 and 4.5
4.5 and 9
9 and 9
13.5 and 4.5
13.5 and 9
13.5 and 13.5

but whatever you choose, the important and unique point is that your partner does not have to have the same tog. No more duvet disagreements! A CosyCool duvet will stop you and your partner arguing over which duvet to use, and you’ll both be able to sleep at the right temperature.


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