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How it all began

The CosyCool story

“I can’t sleep with this 13.5 tog duvet, it makes me too hot, and you freeze if it’s any lighter – what are we going to do about it ?”

This was a tired Ian talking to his tired wife Ruth one winter morning at the Pressman family breakfast table.

After several high street trips and an afternoon on the internet, they realised a combination duvet that could be whatever tog they wanted on either side of the bed throughout the year didn’t exist.

Single duvets didn’t work

They were desperate for decent sleep which they both needed in order to function each day. Having tried separate single duvets and/or adding/removing dressing gowns in the middle of the night, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

It’s amazing what you can draw on the back on a post-it note, before long, they had come up with an idea for a his and her partner duvet where you could add or remove layers to suit individual needs, and with clever positioning of poppers, the layers would not slip and slide around.

So that was great, but it was just a drawing on a post-it note. The next stage was to enlist the help of a friend that had a sewing machine. That done, several duvets were purchased, chopped in half and sewn back together. Then poppers were added to the layers, and hey presto, the CosyCool duvet was born. It may have been a crude version, but it worked!

Pretty soon it became evident from talking to friends and family that there were many couples with the same issue and wanted a similar duvet. The rest as they say, is history…