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CosyCool All Seasons (or Four Seasons) duvets

All seasons Duvet by CosyCool

A totally original concept in bedding, the CosyCool all seasons duvet design enables you to add and remove layers to either side of the duvet as the season’s change, without your partner having to have the same tog as you.

Our innovative and flexible duvet consists of a main duvet and two half duvets which are half the width of the main one. You attach or remove half duvets to the main one as needed, creating the following tog combinations to suit your individual tog requirements as the seasons change.

4.5 and 4.5
4.5 and 9
9 and 9
13.5 and 4.5
13.5 and 9
13.5 and 13.5

With a CosyCool All Seasons duvet you never need disagree again over which duvet to use, and you’ll both get a great night’s sleep all year round.

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