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Why is the CosyCool “Twin Tog” combination duvet so unique?

Combination Duvets

Our combination duvet offers a unique solution to disagreements over which duvet to use – a common issue for many people that share a bed.

There is no compromising with our duvets; you don’t have to put up with bedding that is perfect for your partner to get a great night’s sleep, but too warm or cold for you.

With our clever “twin tog duvet” design you can fasten or remove duvet layers to your side to get just the right temperature for yourself, without affecting your partner’s side.

Our market leading twin tog solution consists of a main duvet and two half duvets, which you attach or detach to the main duvet as the seasons change. You get the perfect level of comfort, your partner gets the perfect level of comfort, and you both sleep soundly.  Here are the possible tog combinations:

4.5 and 4.5
4.5 and 9
9 and 9
13.5 and 4.5
13.5 and 9
13.5 and 13.5

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