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Couples Duvet

For a great night’s sleep, do you require a warmer tog duvet, whilst your partner needs a cooler tog?

If so, you are a typical couple when it comes to duvet disagreements!


Yours and your partner’s needs often change throughout the year, and they usually differ. The CosyCool Couples Duvet eliminates this common problem that many couples experience every night.

Our Couples Duvet offers a uniquely adjustable solution. Starting with a main duvet which is 4.5 tog on one side and 9 tog on the other, you can then add layers to your side of the duvet only, making the combinations listed below. Your partner can do the same on their side of the duvet too, so as a couple you can mix and match duvet tog requirements to suit your individual needs, all year round.

4.5 and 4.5
4.5 and 9
9 and 9
13.5 and 4.5
13.5 and 9
13.5 and 13.5

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