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CosyCool’s Split Tog duvets are a unique concept in bedding and offer a simple, yet flexible solution for couples that have differing duvet needs

Split Tog Duvets

With a CosyCool Split Tog duvet, you have the option to alter the number of layers independently on either side. This means you can have different togs on each side of the duvet whenever needed, thus creating the perfect tog combination to suit you and your partner, whatever the time of year.

Our duvets are also made to an exceptional quality, so you can sleep sound in the safe knowledge that our unique duvet will provide both you and your partner with years of blissful sleep.

Possible tog combinations are:

4.5 and 4.5
4.5 and 9
9 and 9
13.5 and 4.5
13.5 and 9
13.5 and 13.5

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