How long and how much is delivery?

Delivery is free and takes 3 to 5 working days.

Are standard combination duvets the same as a CosyCool duvet?

Our duvets are far more flexible in terms of the tog combinations you can have!  A combination duvet does not permit you to adjust tog independently on each side. Ours does.

If one side of the bed is 4.5 tog and the other 13.5 tog, will there be a visible step running the down the middle of the duvet?

No, the design ensures that the duvet still sits beautifully in a quality duvet cover with no obvious step running down the middle of the bed.

Does it all come apart once it’s in the cover?

No, we invested a lot of time sourcing the best poppers on the market to hold the half duvets firmly in place.

Can I use the demi-duvets as single duvets on my single beds?

Kind of – the standard width of a single duvet is 140cm. The demi-duvet width is a bit narrower, so whilst we would not suggest it’s an ideal replacement, it will still do the job. That said, you could always buy a single duvet!

Why does it cost a little bit more than other duvets?

Our duvets are uniquely designed and have design features that require more manual effort in the manufacturing process than standard combination duvets. Firstly, the demi-duvets that attach to the main duvet are bespoke sizes found nowhere else and secondly, the positioning of the fasteners to prevent the demi-duvets from slipping out of position are a unique configuration. Another factor that increases cost is the number of layers needed. This means that our duvets require 50% more cotton and filling than other duvets. But it’s a small price to pay for blissful sleep with your partner!

Are CosyCool duvets machine washable?

Yes. Our duvets are machine washable at 40°C and, because of the clever design, it all fits into a domestic washing machine with an 8kg washload or above – even the main duvet. If you want to tumble dry your duvet, please do not use the high setting as this can affect the plastic poppers.