R Tweed, West Sussex

“I bought cosycool duvet on my mothers advice. My boyfriend is always cold and I get quite hot when sleeping. The duvet is a brilliant solution and as they say ‘your mother is always right’. The duvet is made really well and regardless of its main attraction/ function being that two people can sleep at their preferred temperature, together. It is the most comfy duvet I’ve ever had.”

R Bucks, Guildford

“I just wanted to thank you; I have now had my Cosycool Duvet for over a year and every night I appreciate it’s ability to allow myself and my wife to have totally individual thicknesses requirements. I have the thickest possible duvet and she the thinnest – and no more arguments over when to put the winter duvet in, with one of us always losing out – wonderful!” Thank you again!

S Mantle, Surrey

“Just a quick note to say received duvet the day after it was ordered – exemplary!! Have now used it for a couple of nights – fantastic – no more throwing off the duvet or shivering husband!”

D May, Norfolk

“I am so pleased with our CosyCool duvet, and can’t believe it’s taken so long for someone to come up with such a fantastic concept. Yes, we could have 2 single quilts on a king sized bed, but that would mean separate covers etc, this is a much more convenient (and neater!) idea. Absolutely love it and can’t recommend it highly enough. Wishing you every continued and deserved success with your business.”

L Bowles, Suffolk

“I would just like to say that the quilt is received and working well. It is a natty idea and has not provoked adverse comments from my husband. It certainly is better for me as I can adjust the quilt to prevent overheating. Finally!”

P Milton, Leics

“I wasn’t sure this would work, but felt it was worth a try. I had visions of it coming apart in the duvet cover, and didn’t quite believe that there wouldn’t be a noticeable difference in the appearance of the bed. However I can’t fault it. Glad I took a gamble – a great idea that actually works, I wish you every success with it.”

C Hill, Esher, Surrey

“My partner and I slept like babies last night… we want to shake the hand of whoever came up with the idea of the CosyCool!”

S Barton, Lanarkshire

“Hi – I would like to let you know that we are very pleased with our cosy cool duvet. It works very well as in summer I need only 4.5 tog but my husband always requires at least 9 tog, and now we can add the extra halves for added warmth. I have bought other partner/climate duvets in the past, but this one definitely works best for us because of its versatility.”

J Locke, Bristol

“Loving the duvet by the way, it has resolved a lot of arguments!!!”

Anna W, Herts

“Cosycool duvets are the best thing since sliced bread. My mother-in-law bought one for me and my husband after getting fed up hearing our arguments over what tog duvet to have on our bed. We now often have all three layers on my side and just the one on his. It’s really easy to add and take away the layers too. We no longer have ‘tog’ wars and better stills it stops him space invading as he then gets too hot! – thank you Cosycool.”

B Tweed, West Sussex

“This duvet is wonderful. It has enabled my husband and me to sleep comfortably because I am no longer too hot and he is no longer too cold. I appreciate its light weight and the press studs fastenings on additional layers makes putting on a duvet cover easy. “

S Standon, Bradford On Avon

“Just to say that my wife and I have spent our first night under a cosycool duvet and it was brilliant. She was blissfully happy under her 13.5 tog of insulation and I was cool and content under my 4.5 tog. I wish we’d done this years ago. The quality is top-drawer too. We were previously convinced that only duck or goose down could give that lovely soft snugly feeling. But we were wrong. The filling you use feels really luxurious and allows the duvet to wrap around one’s body. The cotton quality and stitching is excellent too. And no more expensive trips to the dry cleaners on an all-too-infrequent basis. The machine washable feature will give us a 5 year payback, so over time, this duvet will cost us nothing. Congratulations on a great product that I think is real value for money too, compared to other duvets.”