Duvet Days

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Did you know that some companies allow you to legitimately take duvet days?  You know you’ve landed the jackpot when you see that in your employment contract!

Unfamiliar with the term ‘duvet day’?  These are those days when you just can’t face work.  Your bed is very comfy and for the best will in the world you just can’t shift yourself from the sheets to make it in for the day.  These are not to be confused with sick days – those are unavoidable and most companies (yes there are some that don’t) will pay you sick pay to keep your germs to yourself and return when fighting fit.  No, duvet days are plain and simple, don’t want to get up and work today thank you very much kind of days!

Woman lying in a comfortable bed with what could be a CosyCool duvet

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Most people, and at all levels, will experience days like this from the shop floor to senior management. Even business owners have the odd day when they just want to down tools and spend the day in PJ’s surrounded by the comforting powers of a duvet.  Calling in a duvet day means that you don’t have to feign illness, no very poorly voice or coughing down the phone and best of all you don’t have to make up a terrible story of family or pet loss. You and your employer openly accept that you’re having a day to yourself, it doesn’t eat into your holiday time and you’ll be back sooner than if you were ill.

Lady drinking coffee taking the day off work wrapped in what could be a CosyCool duvet

For some businesses it pays, in productivity levels, to allow employees to take these days.  A quick recharge of batteries, no long holiday and an understanding that you’ll be back bright and raring to go the following day.  Businesses that have this flexibility require respectful employees and those abusing the trust will surely be routed out sharpish!

It is absolutely fine and normal to have feelings where you just want to curl back up into bed for the day or even the luxury of sofa snoozing in front of the TV complete with pillows and duvet which is typically the reserve of a poorly child.  You may even want to call in a duvet day when you’re feeling on top form and all is great with the world.  In fact, a new love could be the perfect reason to stay in bed all day!

And what could be better than spending your duvet day with your partner under a CosyCool duvet? In two sizes and with a range of inter-changeable weights you and your partner will be in duvet heaven!

couple lying in bed under what could be a CosyCool duvet

Be mindful that if you are wanting to take duvet days on a regular basis this could be an indicator that all is not well at work.  Speak with friends, family or even your boss to work out a plan to help you reinvigorate your passion for what you do and hey, if that doesn’t work, perhaps it’s time for a change.

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