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Positive Sleep For Better Mental Health

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Sleep deprevation or having a poor sleep routine can lead to damaging effects on mental health and well-being. Looking at The Mental Health Foundation (hosts of  ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’) guide ‘Sleep Better’ we explore positive sleep methods and routines for better mental health.

The Foundation suggests that Health, Environment, Attitude and Lifestyle must be addressed to achieve an effective sleep routine. These are the ‘4 pillars of good sleep’ and together the help us to, HEAL.


Address any physical health concerns which may prevent sleep. A simple common cold, although frustrating at the time, is easy to treat and is short lived. However, longer-term conditions should be discussed with your GP and advice or medication may be given to help and aid a more comfortable and successful sleep.

Treat physical ailments to help a more comfortable sleep


We declare that bedrooms should be tech-free zones!

Snuggling down to watch a film in bed once in a while is a treat. However, for all too many, screens are taking over leading to later nights and disturbed sleep.  The blue light from phones, tablets and TV’s disrupts the body’s melatonin levels which causes sleep disruption.  Guidelines (as mentioned in the ‘Sleep Better’publication) state that we should stop screen time two hours prior to sleep.

Creating the optimum environment for sleep also includes the temperature – of your room in general and also your duvet.  Now this is something that we can help you with!


Cosy. Comfy. Cool. The Cosy Cool unique 3-piece duvet solution


A mind filled with negative thoughts or worry is not a restful one and even if you manage to drift off easily, chances are you will wake in the small hours finding it hard to get back to sleep.

Adopting a positive sleep routine which includes the practice of yoga or mindfulness to help reduce stress and promote relaxation will, in time, help to calm your mind leading to better sleep.


The effects that caffeine and alcohol have on our sleep are well known. However, there are a number of foods and drinks which can actively assist a good night’s sleep.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has a huge positive effect on almost all areas of our lives and our sleep is no exception.

The guide goes on to offer excellent hints and tips from a sleep doctor and also promotes the use of a sleep diary. Writing down daily routines can often highlight the reasons why sleep is being disturbed and it may only take a small change to make a big difference.

Taking a proactive approach to HEAL your bedtime routine will generate positive sleep for better mental health and we thoroughly recommend that you read the guide in full!

Mental Health Awareness Week is 13-19 May 2019

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