Sleep hints & tips

Sleeping Positions

Which position do you and your partner prefer? We’re talking sleeping positions and which ones could be best for a great night sleep. Some doyens of sleep have said that how partners lie in bed tells a lot about their relationship.  Although there may be a teeny bit of truth in this, we think that this is more about comfort.  Ask a happily married couple what is more important, a good night sleep or laying intertwined in a loving embrace and we can pretty much guess the answer! So, what about sleeping positions, which are the most common ways to…

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Do Not Disturb

You’ve been looking forward to this holiday all year, you’ve endured the flight, the hotel is just what you’d hoped for and the views are to die for.  The bed could sleep 5, has a mattress that feels like you’re floating on a cloud and the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign is hanging. Why oh why can’t you sleep? Sleep researchers have a name for this. It’s called the ‘first night effect’ which sees our brains return to a primaeval state of surveillance.  It’s a deep routed state of mind which kicks in when we enter an unfamiliar environment and keeps…

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Bedroom Décor for a Good Night Sleep

Having trouble sleeping?  The layout, décor and general environment of your bedroom may be affecting your sleep. Here are some of our top tips for creating a room to encourage a really good nights sleep. Declutter for Slumber A good tidy and clean can be very therapeutic as a cluttered room can have a big effect on your sleep.  Clear out your clutter and stop using the ‘floordrobe’ is an excellent start however, it isn’t just ‘out of sight, out of mind’ that matters. All those boxes and general stuff under your bed could be subconsciously disturbing your sleep. So, channel…

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Positive Sleep For Better Mental Health

Sleep deprevation or having a poor sleep routine can lead to damaging effects on mental health and well-being. Looking at The Mental Health Foundation (hosts of  ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’) guide ‘Sleep Better’ we explore positive sleep methods and routines for better mental health. The Foundation suggests that Health, Environment, Attitude and Lifestyle must be addressed to achieve an effective sleep routine. These are the ‘4 pillars of good sleep’ and together the help us to, HEAL. Health Address any physical health concerns which may prevent sleep. A simple common cold, although frustrating at the time, is easy to treat and is…

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10 Proven Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night of sleep — at least 7 hours per night — is a necessity. From a health and fitness perspective, a good night’s sleep helps us stay lean by helping to maintain good insulin sensitivity. It cuts the risk of common colds and increases resilience to stress. It also improves memory and performance. Finally, a good night’s sleep is crucial for GH and testosterone levels, which give men and women more strength and vitality. 1. Make the room cold. For most people, the ideal temperature for sleeping is somewhere between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll have to experiment…

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32 Solutions for When You Can’t Sleep

Beyond Counting Sheep — Your Action Plan Whether you’re a chronic insomniac or just have the occasional restless night, read on for lasting sleep solutions.  This article is written by Laura Newcomer, you can read the full thing here: http://greatist.com/health/cant-sleep-advice-and-tips Try these strategies for gradually improving sleep quality over time. Keep track. Record how much and when you sleep, fatigue levels throughout the day, and any other symptoms. This serves two purposes: It can identify activities that help or hurt the chances of a good night’s rest, and it’s a useful tool for a doctor or therapist, should you decide…

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