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Sleeping Positions

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Which position do you and your partner prefer? We’re talking sleeping positions and which ones could be best for a great night sleep.

Couple sleeping in bed with the woman hand over the mans face

Some doyens of sleep have said that how partners lie in bed tells a lot about their relationship.  Although there may be a teeny bit of truth in this, we think that this is more about comfort.  Ask a happily married couple what is more important, a good night sleep or laying intertwined in a loving embrace and we can pretty much guess the answer!

So, what about sleeping positions, which are the most common ways to sleep together and how can we get the best possible sleep sharing the same bed?

To spoon or not to spoon, that is the question..

Hollywood would have us believe that we should all sleep in in a lover’s knot. This certainly looks like a lovely way to sleep – in the arms of your lover, close and comforted but beware of snorers and dead arms!

Couple sleeping in a lovers knot

“Try to sleep on your side rather than your back. While sleeping on your back, your tongue, chin and any excess fatty tissue under your chin can relax and squash your airway. Sleeping on your side prevents this.

While sleeping on your back, your tongue, chin and any excess fatty tissue under your chin can relax and squash your airway. Sleeping on your side prevents this.” NHS guide to sleeping

Couple in bed, man on his back snoring with woman covering her ears with a pillow

Like two spoons nestled together in a drawer spooning is another intimate sleeping position and a lovely way to feel close.

Couple sleeping in a spooning position

This is a protective, close and nurturing sleeping position, however, be mindful that you will have a 37°C hot water bottle against you all night. A little cooling separation is never a bad thing!

The polar opposite of spooning is lying back to back apart from each other, not touching at all.  Whilst some analysts would conclude that this the sleeping position of a couple who are disconnected, in reality this could simply be the most comfortable way to achieving the best night sleep together but just a little bit apart!

Couple sleeping with backs facing

Getting a good night sleep

There are plenty of factors to achieving a great night sleep and worrying about which sleeping position you and your partner should or shouldn’t be adopting will not be conducive for a restful slumber.

Making sure that you are both comfortable is the best way to ensure that you will sleep well together.  Create an inviting, restful environment, choose the right mattress and, of course, a duvet which works for you both.

The CosyCool unique system allows you to add or remove tog weights helping you to tailor the duvet for your own individual needs and season and will help to keep you both cosy, comfy and cool no matter which position you choose to sleep in!

Be respectful of each other and your individual need for space and comfort.  If you’re starting out as a new couple understand that you may need to compromise and teach yourself to sleep in a way that is kind to your partner.  After all, a couple who sleep well together has a better chance of staying together.

Sleep well.

Couple in bed man freewill sleeping position

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